About Us

Tanya Miller, NP

Tanya Miller is the Clinic Manager and sole Medical & Cosmetic Nurse Injector for Boreal Health, the only certified medical and cosmetic clinic in Prince Albert.

As a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years in the nursing profession, Tanya possesses up-to-date medical certifications and has immense experience in the medical and cosmetic injection industry. Tanya fuelled her passion of helping people improve their state of health by opening Boreal Health, a clinic that strives to help men and women feel strong and confident in their own body.

Presently, Boreal Health offers a number of services to clients, such as non-invasive cosmetic treatment options to support clients looking to rejuvenate their skin and preserve their youthful glow. At this time, Boreal Health’s primary focus specializes in offering alternative pain treatment options to stimulate a natural healing process for clients suffering from chronic disease or joint pain. In fact, Boreal Health is the first clinic in Saskatchewan to offer a medical injection called Prolotherapy, an all-natural treatment to provide relief to a wide range of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

In addition to working as a Nurse Practitioner for the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Tanya also teaches clinical and theory at the Dumont Technical Institute in Prince Albert. She is certified in Chronic Disease Management and has extensive training in the management of respiratory disease. She has an Advanced Injection Techniques Certification (AIT) and is a member of the Canadian Association of Orthopedic Medicine.

Boreal Health complements its medical grade services by also offering non-invasive cosmetic options to help clients preserve their beautiful, youthful glow. This includes neuromodulators, filler, and microneedling.

For a customized approach designed to provide solutions to improve your quality of life and address your top health or beauty needs.